We are a coalition of Queenstown and Wanaka entrepreneurs, investors, changemakers, and citizens, building an entrepreneurial framework for the Queenstown Lakes District. We are a catalyst and champion for the startup community locally, nationally, and globally. We believe startups are a critical element to the region for achieving economic diversity and resilience.

We are Startup Queenstown Lakes.


The Queenstown Lakes region has a history of innovation with a global reach. From the creation of jet boats to bungee jumping to Oscar-winning film-production technology, we have a long history of pioneers who have made a worldwide impact. We want to accelerate the development of our startup ecosystem so that we are:

  • Building a diversified and resilient local economy, conducive to building nationally and internationally successful businesses that provide a diverse range of high-value jobs and opportunities for locals and immigrants alike.
  • Leveraging our history and strength as a tourism and adventure destination while using best-practices from other markets to shorten the timeline to success.
  • Capitalizing on our reputation as a vibrant and fun place to live, work, and play so that we can attract and retain the best talent to establish their base here.


The ecosystem of Startup Queenstown Lakes is:

  • Protecting the unique and precious environment surrounding us,
  • Promoting a positive social impact that raises the quality of life for all residents,
  • Acting in a sustainable way for the long-term benefit of current and future generations.

Activities and Action

We are bringing together the various startup initiatives and activities under one umbrella so that every resource is working in a unified, coordinated fashion. Individuals and organizations within the startup community will maintain their autonomy, but now we’ve created a one-stop shop for strategic planning, thinking, resource coordination, fundraising, etc.

  • Cube – Wanaka-based incubator
  • Startup Weekend – entrepreneur event
  • Queenstown Entrepreneurs – Facebook social networking group
  • Queenstown Technology Group – Meet-up group
  • CLICK – Venture accelerator
  • Identifying and coordinating funding from local, regional, and national economic development funds
  • Promoting local, national, and global programs that will benefit entrepreneurs and startups in our region

More efforts will be announced soon.

How can you get involved?

We have launched www.Entrepreneurship.co.nz as our online presence to make it easy for everyone to stay connected. On the website you can:

  1. See upcoming events and activities that you can participate in
  2. Add yourself or a company you know to the Startup Ecosystem Map we’ve launched
  3. Sign up for our email list to stay in the loop with startup activities in the region

Have an idea or initiative you’re working on that you want to get on the radar? Send an email to intheloop@entrepreneurship.co.nz.